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A Veteran’s View On Veteran’s Day – 11/11/99

     The flag is only a symbol!  Protest what is happening to the country via immigration.
     Do you hear the cries of agony at Seratoga? … the anguish at the Battles of Charleston?  Do you feel the suffering at Antietem and Gettysburg?  Do you accept the bitter taste of the Argonne and at St. Mihiel of Verdun?  Is your sight disgusted to view the bodies of American troops at the Battle of the Buldge and Iwo Jima?  Do you bleed with the American boys at Inchon and fear at Pyongyank when the bugle launches Chinese masses into your face?  Are you confused by the betrayal of politicians and the media during the Tet Offensives in Vietnam?  Are you anxious and driven to anxiety each time the aggressors threaten during a cold war?  Do you realize that America is being invaded right now?
     We suffer the tragedy of the cost!  We celebrate the legacy of the sacrifice!
     "Our primary identity is not where we came from – or that we came from somewhere else.  Our identity is what we have become first and foremost: a nation of Americans" – (John Vinson) … and what does this mean?
     If we do not protect the nation’s identity … if we do not preserve the legacy of our collective and historical character, then we will loose the very iota of essence that attracted immigrants to America.  No where is this character of Americans more strongly carved than in the struggles against oppression written in the sweat, blood, and tears of our citizen-soldiers, and their supporters at home. 
     Now we are, once again, engaged in a tumultuous struggle – testing whether, once again, this nation can endure the afflictions and impositions of foreign aliens, not only to invade us, but to advance their colonization with the consent of a non-caring Congress, and a president who is complicit with foreign governments to advance their dictates.  Bottom-line globalists and money – grubbing barons of opportunity sell America down the road and make campaign contributions to insure that their cronies are powerful allies in the balkanization of a once great and proud nation.
     This country was not established to open its doors (borders) to hordes of third-world aliens or to immigrants seeking financial & economic opportunity.  The primary purpose of America is stated in the Preamble of the Constitution.  It is to provide American citizens and their descendants with such blessings as unity, liberty, and domestic tranquility.  It does not belong to parasites who would breech our borders …who would invade our sovereign land as aliens to inflict their will or exploit our benefits for their opportunistic demands. 
     We are a sovereign nation!  This oasis in the sands of tyranny began as a guiding light in the darkness of despair … a hallowed land with God’s graces of expanse, beauty and a population dedicated to the idea of self government by the people.  We have fought wars to preserve a land of E Pluribus Unum – where the many pull as one – why should we deliver our land to aliens? – to those who pledge no allegiance to
America nor sympathize with our culture? – our destiny as a Republic?
     We should not sacrifice this oasis on the unholy altar of third-world communism – to divide this jewel because there are so many aliens who want so much.  We cannot balkanize this country until its sparkle starts to fade, until its land becomes barren, until its waters become too polluted to refresh. 
     But … that is exactly what is happening! … by both legal and illegal overimmigration!
     Since 1970, about 1.5 million immigrants have invaded this country every year. This population increase is equivalent to two Washington DC’s every year.  If this practice continues for 50 short years into the new millennium, it will cause the US population to double from its 272 million to near one half billion (census bureau data). This increase in population is equivalent to adding 48 large cities – each the size of
Chicago.  The US is already the third most populous nation in the world – after China and India - and its population increase from immigration is at the same rate as is India’s population growth.  The resources of the US are limited.  The supply of resources today cannot keep pace with the demand of the population.  Each immigrant who enters the US today will require one acre of land (in infrastructure) which could be otherwise used for farming.  The country is loosing a million and a half acres of farmland every year due to immigration and in consequence the US well be a grain importing nation by 2025.  The West and Midwest are running-out of potable water. Irrigation has been curtailed in many Midwest farms because aquifers have run dry … some forever.  Even now, the carrying capacity of the nation is being exceeded
because of immigration practices.  The stress on the infrastructure, due to immigration is staggering.  In Texas, one new school must be built every two weeks due to immigration.  In California, one new school must be built every day because of immigration.  What will happen to the country – to the American family – to your descendents - when the population doubles in 2050.  Is this the legacy you want to leave to your grandchildren?  You can see the saga unfolding before your vary eyes! …urban – sprawl, school enrollment becoming overwhelming, highways clogging-up all over the country, national parks and open spaces becoming unmanageable because of unprecedented crowds, state and local water supplies drying-up, a concrete jungle being developed over the nation, and politicians pandering for the new ethnic vote.  The national cost (in money) for each new immigrant is, on average, $18,000.
     The liberal 1965 Immigration Act permitted an increase of legal immigrants from 300,000 per year to 600,000 per year, but permitted the reunification of family members which greatly increased total numbers to near one million a year.  When a "legal" immigrant comes to America he or she gets to bring a spouse and their unmarried minor children – which seems fairly reasonable … but it doesn’t stop there. That immigrant can also bring-in married progeny and, of course, their spouses and children ,,, and elderly parents – they get to come too … and those brothers, sisters, in-laws, elderly parents … they get to bring their brothers, sisters, in-laws, and parents … and so on … and so on … in a domino effect.  Every time an immigrant is admitted to our country, he has the authority to determine who comes next.  You don’t get to
choose, I don’t get to choose.  Even elected representatives don’t have a say in the selection process, but … immigrants do!  Under the current system, immigration is not a privilege that American Citizens bestow!  It is an entitlement that foreign nationals claim based on relatives who have, themselves, just recently become immigrants.  This process is called legal immigration(?).  Is this system serving the economic, social, and the cultural concerns of the nation?
     At the same time, the Immigration & Naturalization Service (INS) has allowed, by administrative incompetence & executive design, millions of illegal aliens to come into the US – to reside in the US and to influence the state of American politics.  Even after the 1986 amnesty of near three million illegal aliens, the US, today, has almost six million illegal aliens living in the country mostly from Mexico and Latin America.  These are third world peoples who have no allegiance to the US, but want to exploit opportunity.  In the past 35 years, the US has added, by immigration, the equivalent of the population of Latin America.  Illegal aliens have their babies in the US – cost free – and then these anchor babies, who are now citizens, are entitled to family reunification.
     "We (in the US) are a nation of immigrants," yell the pro-immigration lobby.  If one is schooled in critical thinking, the natural response is:  So What? … a premise is given! … what may be the conclusion?  The fact of the matter is that there are any number of conclusions.  Let’s provide some of these conclusions realizing that one may develop the case according to one’s own predisposition ( there is no unique – no simple - one conclusion).  If one is pro-immigration, one may say (provide convincing arguments) that therefore we should continue a policy of immigration.  If one sees certain natural dangers in the present practice of immigration, one may conclude (with suitable arguments from premise to conclusion) that enough is enough - and that perhaps a moratorium should be practiced to slow down the dangers.  The premise
should not be a show-stopper but an opportunity for debate.
     A number of propositions can be used for immigration debate:  All nations are nations of immigrants, not only the US … We (in the US) are first and foremost, a nation of Americans … We (in the US) are a nation of immigration laws … Congress should take demographic and environmental responsibility for immigration laws … It is far more important for a nation to secure its current culture, common ties, and
common loyalties than to yield to colonization and balkanization of the nation.
     The arguments from premise to conclusion must show good logic or at least be reasonable.  If a family had the misfortune of including a
murderer – should the family advocate murder?  I think this conclusion would be unreasonable.  On the merits of any historical evidence, I think it is reasonable to assume that if something good happened before (in a sociological setting), it is false to assume that future dispositions will also be good.  They may or they may not.  Just because something happened before (in a sociological setting), it is unreasonable to assume that it should happen again.  In the exact sciences, the conclusion may be different.
     There is too much at stake to be blinded by irrational emotion. There would be no greater honor to our immigrant forefathers than to protect and secure the United States from all the threats facing it in the new millennium.  There would be no greater honor to our immigrant forefathers than to secure the future and vitality of their descendants. Among the greatest of these threats is overimmigration.  Our unity, liberty, and
domestic tranquility are being denied us (American citizens) by the very servants (Congress) who have pledged to protect us from foreign intrusion.  We are a nation of (immigration controls) with legislation governing immigration in the years (1862, 1882, 1884, 1885, 1911-1917, 1921-1924).
     Congress should have demographic accountability.  Demographers and environmentalists define "carrying capacity" as the number of people who can be sustainably supported in a given area without degrading the natural, social, cultural, and economic environment for present and future generations.  When Americans have to move (migrate) for any of these reasons, the base population has exceeded this  capacity.  If President Clinton, Vice President Gore, and Interior Secretary Babbit are serious about protecting America’s physical fabric, they should work for legislation requiring Congress to estimate the environmental and public goods burden of proposed immigration quotas.  We could then have demographic accountability by our national legislators who currently find importance and caprice only in responses to pressure groups of false sentimentality, global strategist’s bottom line, and vote accumulation
by pandering politicians. 
     The numbers are the great threat!  Ethnic source is only important when it mandates that the current culture must assimilate into an alien life-style by changing such foundations as language and schooling.  The threat of genocide (UN definition) to existing cultures by immigration must be constantly reviewed. 
     If the American people fail to recognize this problem and its magnitude … if the Congress, as the guardian of this nation, does not act as statesmen to turn the tide … if the media continue to ignore this threat … then, I will loose my country … and the immigrant who has seized this country in such great numbers will find he has inherited a place just like the one he is trying to flee.  There will be no winners! 

James M. Halm Ph.D. (Korean Era Army Veteran & Legion member)
Coalition for Immigration Reform
PO Box 1064
Dana, NC 28724

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