The Lord's Grace
My America

Hold Tight, America!
by J.C. High Eagle, Osage/Cherokee
15 Sep 2001

Hold tight, America, to the wheel of righteousness
For you are freedom's ship of truth in a lonely sea,
Sailing the uncharted waters of liberty in darkened waters.

Hold tight, America, to your faith.
Let it not be as driftwood that surges aimlessly and tossed about
   by the unpredictable, mindless currents of others adrift.

Hold tight, America, to the Creator that guides and protects you,
   when the storms of life cause your bow to sway.
Our heavenly beacon that dares pierce the darkness of gloom.
Our lighthouse of love to show the way.

Hold tight, America, to the droplets of love sprinkled inside your being,
   to the love you have, for it is all that is important,
   all that you really own, all that is true . . . all that you really are.

Hold tight, America, to your real essence of truth, justice,
   respect and individual liberty. Hold tight, America, to the strengths of honesty and trueness,
When the fraility of humanity threatens to toss them to the wind.

Hold tight, America, when all around you eludes
   and falters in the stormy sea,
You will safely ride the surges of inequity.

Hold tight, America, to hope and faith,
For failure is fledged by fear, by your permission,
   not by your fate.

Hold tight, America, to your dreams,
For they are the stars by which you navigate.
Yield not to the temptation of doubt.

For when you do, you will not sink as others around you,
   while others drown by feeble grips.
You will float the crests of adversity.
You will survive the changes.

Hold tight, America, to your strength and courage,
   for you will buoy the tides of fear and regret.
Do it now.
Do it yet.
Do it lest you ere forget.

Hold tight, America, to ballast the blows that
   rock your ship to and fro.

Hold tight, America, to the promise that you are
   the place where love abides for weary hearts.

May the tidal waves of newness
   crash upon the shores of your old self,
   into new challenges,
   new beginnings for all people.

And, in your voyage,
   may you dock your vessel
   upon the beaches of eternal bliss
   because you chose to navigate the uncharted waters,
   around sand bars of hate and adversity you chose to miss.

You are our captain, the master of freedom's sail.
United, we stand with you, America, on your deck of FREEDOM!
Sail on, America, undeterred for your voyage will never fail.

by J.C. High Eagle, Osage/Cherokee

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